Bearings that are hard-to-reach
don’t get greased

Relocate grease fittings to make all grease points easy to reach. Bearings that are missed during preventive maintenance (PM) will eventually fail. Hard-to-reach bearings are also going to be the most difficult and expensive to replace. It is much less expensive to grease these hard-to-reach bearings today than to replace them tomorrow.

Instead of replacing failed bearings tomorrow,
make it easier to grease them today.

Grease all of the bearings on your equipment from a single service point. Relocate grease fittings that are hard to reach or in hazardous locations to a more convenient or safe location. Relocating all of your grease fittings to one convenient location significantly reduces the possibility of bearings going without lubrication during PM.

grease extension hoses -
  • No more climbing into machinery.
  • No more setting up ladders.
  • No more disassembling equipment.
  • No more equipment shut-downs.
  • No more exposure to dangerous machinery.
  • No more working close to high voltage wiring.
  • No more working in entrapment hazards.
  • No more bearing failures from missed lubrication.

80% of bearing failures are lubrication related.

Preventive maintenance and lubrication does not need to be dangerous or difficult. Grease extension hoses keep personnel out of dangerous places and make missed lubrication a thing of the past.

Industries Served include:

  • Agriculture
  • Machine Tool
  • Aerospace
  • Petroleum
  • Food Processing
  • Electrical Generation
  • Facilities Operations
  • Material Handling
  • Transportation
  • Forestry

Grease Extension Hoses Pay for themselves in Repair, Replacement, and Labor Savings.

Our grease extension hoses reduce preventative maintenance hours, move maintenance personnel away from hazards, and eliminate neglected lubrication. Our grease fitting extension hoses are ready to install right out of the box. Don’t wait for a bearing failure tomorrow. Install hoses from GreaseExtensionHoses today.

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