Permanently Relocate Hard-to-Reach Grease Fittings

About Us offers a unique product for relocating hard-to-reach grease fittings.

Ryan Cruzan spent more than 20 years working as a maintenance mechanic and maintenance supervisor in several industries.  Since his first maintenance position as a mechanic’s helper in the physical plant department of a major state university, Ryan has been a huge believer in comprehensive preventive maintenance programs.

Preventive maintenance reduces equipment failures and saves money.  A dollar spent on PM always saves more than a dollar on future repairs.   Ryan believes so strongly in the value of Preventive Maintenance that he actually wrote the book on the subject.  The Manager’s Guide to Preventive Building Maintenance was published by CRC Press in 2009.

Ryan implemented or expanded PM programs wherever he worked as a maintenance supervisor. His first PM programs were tracked on large wall calendars and records were kept in 3-ring binders.  20 years later, PM schedules were managed by computers and every maintenance technician was able to retrieve and complete PM tasks via an app on their smart phones.

No matter what the state of technology, climbing into, onto, and under equipment to grease bearings was a problem encountered in every industry.

Being a rabid tinkerer with all things mechanical, Ryan has been tweaking solutions for relocating grease fittings for more than two decades.  Field improvised grease extension hoses were fabricated from all sorts of materials from copper tubing, various rubber hoses, and compression fittings on clear vinyl hose.  All worked to some extent but none really offered the qualities he was looking for.

After 20+ years of fixing all things mechanical, Ryan decided to get serious about developing a durable, dependable, easy to install grease fitting relocation hose. was launched to make that superior design available to others who maintain machinery for a living.

Permanently Relocate Grease Fittings

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