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Installed On: Well drilling machine

They worked as advertised. It’s nice getting everything from one source.

Installed On: Chicken barn feeders

They are nicely made. I wish you could custom order length . I only needed about 7 inches of it so it’s kinda wrapped and balled up some. I hope it doesn’t shorten the life. Otherwise I am very pleased with the product.

Haven't used it yet

Haven't had a chance to install it yet, shipping was fast and well packaged. Will give an update.

great service received quickly

Thread Adapters
Beau D. (Chicago, US)
The thread adapters were perfect

I didn’t have the right ones at first but they helped me out and sent me the correct ones and they were perfect

Thread Adapters
Josh D. (Minneapolis, US)
Installed On: Trailer

Thread Adapters

case ih combine

Installed several grease tubes on had to get to places on a 2188 combine, worked great. In my case I needed the adaptors to get hoses to fit, so don't forget to order a few.

Installed On: Pallet elevator
Great products!

The products I ordered were exactly what I was needing and hoping for. Very well made easy to install.

Installed On: Case Dozer
Great Quality Parts

Bought these to replace grease hoses on a dozer. Only suggestion would be the "bulkhead" piece that is JIC on one end with the nut. I would switch that around so you could attach the hose and then feed the threads through the hole for the grease hose and secure with the lock nut

Installed On: john deere combine

good stuff

Great Product

This product is well made and a perfect solution for those hard to reach grease fittings. Ordering is simple and delivery is quick.

Installed On: New Holland Grinder Mixer

Easy to install!

Installed On: HVAC Air Handlers
Great Product but Difficult to Install

Well built, heavy duty, makes lubrication much easier and faster. Much better than climbing into equipment. But the hoses are difficult to install because you have to twist the whole length of the hose to get the threads to engage with the bearing. Probably easy on shorter hoses but the routing on our hoses was complicated with a lot of bends.

Hi Mark:
Thank you for the feedback. We took your honest review seriously and we now offer a swivel fitting that goes between the extension hose and the bearing to solve the problem you describe. That fitting can be found in our catalog here:
-Ryan Cruzan, Owner, Grease Extension Hoses

Great Product

Very good and well built product, perfect for our application. - Installed On Elevator High Rollers

Boat maker should have done this.

looks and works great. The boat manufacturer should have done this when they built these.Makes greasing the steering rudder a whole lot easier. Installed On: 2004 Malibu Wakesetter

Hoses are a big help

Our exhaust fans came installed with greaseable motors enclosed inside the fan housing. We would have to disassemble the fan from its ductwork to perform maintenance if it weren't for these extension hoses we brought to the outside of the housing.

Works Well

Hoses are well made, installed easily, and so far are working as planned. Installed On: Baler Conveyor

Boat Rudder Post retrofit grease fitting

Installed on otherwise impossible to reach location, now have ability to grease the rudder shaft. Fits great, works great. Nice mounting bracket and bulkhead fiting, all fit perfectly

These Hoses are Great

These are good quality hoses and fittings. We originally had priced kits from the manufacturer at literally 10 times the cost of these. You can’t beat a good product at a good price. Installed On: 15 Horsepower Outside Air Fans

Great product!

These hoses are awesome, upgrade from the cheap ones that came on the equipment. Better price too! Installed on Air handler HVAC

everything in order

Everything came just as ordered and in a very timely fashion. They even had some 90 degree adaptors that I needed. They weren't shown on the website but I sent an email and they responded the next day that they had what I needed. Installed On: 7650 Spra-Coupe sprayer

Very nice product!

Quality materials, installed in an unforgiving environment. First time using this product, looking forward to seeing how well it performs over time. Installed on Logging Harvester Head

Made greasing my turntable easier

I am a tower crane operator and part of my maintenance is greasing the turntable. It is best if the crane is swinging as you grease so it smears the grease as it turns. Before I would have to start the swing then climb down into the turntable as the crane swung and then back up when done. Now I have these hoses ran up to the counter deck and it makes the process easier for me.

Perfect fit adaptor

The adapter was a perfect fit. It made short work of a tough job. I highly recommend this company. Shipping speed was acceptable considering the current circumstances of covid-19. I will do business with Grease Extension Hoses again.

helpful info

the extensions and fittings work well and are useful. I could have used install info regarding the plastic net safety covers – after pulling one end onto a grease extension hose the other end unraveled when I cut it off with scissors. the flex net covering needs to be bound or taped before cutting…please enclose some info about installation. jp Installed On: stump grinder