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Braided Hose Protector

Braided Hose Protector

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Sold in 3 ft. lengths.

Braided polyester sleeve protects grease fitting relocation hoses from damage. Made from strands that are 50% thicker than other brands and triple braided for better resistance to cuts and abrasion. Use to protect hose that is in contact with rough surfaces or hose that is likely to be damaged by rubbing from vibration or movement.

Protective sleeve is 3/8″ ID to fit our grease extension hoses perfectly. Sleeve expands to fit over hose ends.

Braided hose protector is sold in three foot lengths. Can be cut with scissors or hot knife.  Hose shown in photos is not included.


  • 3ft. x 3/8in. ID polyester braided hose protector
  • Expands up to 3/4″ID to fit over hose ends
  •  Strand thickness: 1/32"
  • Temperature range: -90º to 225º F.
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Customer Reviews

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Jim P.
helpful info

the extensions and fittings work well and are useful. I could have used install info regarding the plastic net safety covers – after pulling one end onto a grease extension hose the other end unraveled when I cut it off with scissors. the flex net covering needs to be bound or taped before cutting…please enclose some info about installation. jp Installed On: stump grinder