How it Works - Grease Fitting Relocation Hoses

The following diagram shows our complete grease fitting relocation hose system.  Everything shown in black is included when you purchase a ready to install grease fitting relocation hose. Items shown in blue are optional accessories.

grease fitting relocation hose system overview

 How it works:  Our grease fitting relocation hoses make it easy to permanently relocate grease fittings to any convenient location.  Many applications only require one item: our custom length ready to install grease fitting relocation hose.  We also carry  many different types of fittings, thread adapters, and accessories to make our system compatible with nearly any equipment or field condition.

Both ends of our grease extension hose have a 1/8″ NPT thread.  All fittings and thread adapters use this same thread.  Because all components use the same thread, all components are compatible with all other components of the system.  When a bearing’s grease port requires a different thread, a single thread adapter will be required.  These thread adapters makes our 1/8″ NPT system compatible with all of the most common grease port threads.

There is an included grease Zerk fitting on the bulkhead end of our extension hoses.  The included Zerk fitting also has a 1/8" NPT thread and can be replaced with a 90º, 45º, button head, or any other style grease fitting.

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