Permanently Relocate Hard-to-Reach Grease Fittings

Zerk Fitting Extension Hose Applications

grease extension hose in circulator pump motor bearing
Our custom length grease Zerk relocation hoses allow you to relocate grease Zerk fittings to the most convenient locations.  Zerk extension hoses are often factory installed on construction machinery, farm implements, and HVAC equipment.  Equipment that does not include these labor saving hoses can be upgraded with our grease fitting extension system.  Our Zerk fitting extension hoses allow you to install the same convenient system on nearly any type of equipment.

Our hoses often exceed the quality of hoses found in factory-installed applications.  Our grease extension lines are flexible enough to work on machinery with moving parts and durable enough to survive machine vibration and the high grease pressures developed by grease guns.

Remote Zerk fitting extension hose applications include:

grease extension hose installed on centrifugal fan bearings
  •  Farming equipment such as combines, mowers, grain drills, balers, augers.
  • Trucks and trailers, lift gates.
  •  Manufacturing plants, conveyors, pumps, industrial machinery.
  •  Construction equipment including loaders, backhoes, paving and milling machinery, excavators, compactors, cranes.
  •  Recycling grinders, conveyors, sorters.
  •  HVAC equipment including blowers, ventilation fans, circulator pumps.
grease extension hoses circulator pump
 Grease fitting relocatoin hoses are ideal for any application with Zerk fittings that are either hard-to-reach or in hazardous locations.  Move Zerk fittings to any location that makes lubrication convenient and keeps maintenance personnel away from harm.

Permanently Relocate Grease Fittings

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