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Standard Length – Grease Fitting Relocation Hose


Ready-to-install grease fitting relocation hose available in standard in-stock lengths at a lower cost than custom fabricated hoses.

Note:  The bearing end of our extension hoses has a 1/8″ MNPT thread.  Thread adapters may be required for bearings with other thread types.

Choose your hose length below.  For other lengths from 6in. to 12ft, see our custom length hose page.

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Product Description

Ready-to-install grease fitting relocation hose available in standard in-stock lengths at a lower cost than custom fabricated hoses. High pressure hose ends are permanently installed on thermoplastic high pressure hose. The 1/8″ inside diameter saves grease because one ounce of grease will fill 12′ of hose. High pressure rated hose will withstand the extreme pressures generated by grease guns. Hoses tolerate equipment vibration and will flex with moving machinery.

Hose Ends
All grease fitting relocation hose come with a 1/8″ male NPT thread on the grease port end and a 1/8″ female NPT thread on the bulkhead fitting. A 1/8″ NPT grease fitting is installed on the bulkhead fitting.  Hose length will be measured from the tip of the grease port fitting to the face of the bulkhead on the other end. Delivered length may vary by up to half an inch from the ordered length.

Included Hardware

  • 1/8″ inside diameter grease extension hose made to your measurements.
  • Bulkhead fitting
  • standard Zerk style grease fitting (any style grease fitting with a 1/8″ NPT thread can be field installed)


Our grease fitting relocation hoses include everything needed to relocate your grease fittings in many applications. Additional fittings and adapters may be needed depending on your specific equipment.

Hose Strength: 2,500 psi continuous, 10,000 psi. bursting pressure
Minimum Bending Radius: 1.8″
Dimensions: 1/8″ ID x .32″ OD x your specified length
Bulkhead Mounting Hole: 7/16″ diameter up to 1/2″ thickness
Temperature Range:  -40ºF to 200ºF
Finish: hose ends and fittings have a corrosion resistant trivalent chromium finish

Other Hose Lengths
Hose Lengths from 6 inches to 12 feet in length are available by ordering a Custom Length Grease Fitting Relocation Hose.

Optional Fittings and Accessories

  • Thread adapters will be needed if your bearing grease port is any thread other than 1/8″ NPT.
  • 90º and 45º ells are also available for connecting hose to the grease port at these angles.
  • Bulkhead rail: the bulkhead fitting can be installed into one of our bulkhead mounting rails or can be installed into any 7/16″ hole in material up to 1/2″ thickness.


Other fittings and accessories can be found on our product catalog page.

For custom hose lengths from 6 inches to 12 feet long see our custom length hose page.