90º Zero Clearance Elbow


1.8″NPT Male x 1/8″ NPT Female. Threads directly onto our grease fitting relocation hoses. “Zero Clearance” design reduces the diameter to prevent interference when grease ports have limited clearance.

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Product Description

1/8″NPT female x 1/8″NPT male. Typical elbows have a male and female leg that extends some distance from the center of the elbow. This elbow does not have an extended female leg. This reduces the fitting diameter to only 9/16″ allowing it to be threaded into grease ports with limited clearance.

The 1/8″ female end screws onto our grease fitting relocation hoses. This zero clearance grease fitting elbow allows you to direct hose toward a specific routing path and solves problems with limited head space above the grease port.

1/8″NPT male end will fit many grease ports as-is. Other grease port threads will require a thread adapter.

Turning Diameter: Requires clearance diameter of 0.6″ to rotate fitting into grease port thread.

Galvanized steel.