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These Hoses are Great

These are good quality hoses and fittings. We originally had priced kits from the manufacturer at literally 10 times the cost of these. You can’t beat a good product at a good price.

Al C.
Installed On:15 Horsepower Outside Air Fans


I added grease fittings to the spindles on my mower deck and wanted a better way to access the grease zerks.
I added extension hoses to all 3 spindles and mounted the ends of the hoses all in one place for easy greasing. have all the fittings and mounting plates for any project.
The hoses are well made, Thank You Grease Extension
Great quality, Great prices, and fast shipping, what more could anyone want!!!!!

Installed On:Cub Cadet mower deck

Great service

Made hard to get to zerks a piece of cake. Good product and great shipping and service.

Curran T.
Installed On:John deere s780 combine

Boat Rudder Post retrofit grease fitting

Installed on otherwise impossible to reach location, now have ability to grease the rudder shaft. Fits great, works great. Nice mounting bracket and bulkhead fiting, all fit perfectly

Installed On:Boat rudder post

Great product!

These hoses are awesome, upgrade from the cheap ones that came on the equipment. Better price too!

Installed On:Air handler HVAC

Made greasing my turntable easuer


I am a tower crane operator and part of my maintenance is greasing the turntable. It is best if the crane is swinging as you grease so it smears the grease as it turns. Before I would have to start the swing then climb down into the turntable as the crane swung and then back up when done. Now I have these hoses ran up to the counter deck and it makes the process easier for me.

Gary C.
Installed On:Tower crane turntable

Exactly what I needed.


Nice product, well conceived and made.
The bulkhead mount is just right to mount in an easy to fabricate custom bracket. I particularly want to say – well done on your website. Clear, concise, and with no previous experience, easy for me to understand exactly what your product is, and that would do just what I need, no guesswork.

Installed On:vertical milling machine - ACME thread knee lift jack screw.

Spot on

My trailer has a couple of grease nipples which require regular injections of grease. To administer that grease required a roller board to get under the trailer. With a couple of extension hoses, that job is now simple and readily done.

This company made this happen. It’s a one-stop-shop. Measure the length so you have the exact hose that you need. Adaptors for the correct existing nipple thread. Bracket for fitting the group of new remote nipples. P clips and hose braiding. All you need for the complete job. And the instructions are comprehensive, written by an adult and don’t treat you like an idiot.

Just spot on.

Graham K.
Installed On:Trailer suspension grease nipples

everything in order

Everything came just as ordered and in a very timely fashion. They even had some 90 degree adaptors that I needed. They weren’t shown on the website but I sent an email and they responded the next day that they had what I needed.

D Caldwell
Installed On:7650 Spra-Coupe sprayer